We advise you to read entirely this document carefully. These Terms & Condition govern your online registration, attendance at and/or participation at Paris Blockchain Summit (“Event”). By registering for the Event you agree that you have read and accepted these Terms and agree to be legally bound them. If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms, please do not register, attend or participate in the Event.
Applications are registered in the order in which they are received. The organiser reserves the right to modify the order of priority and the allocation of the space available in order to ensure rational utilization of the exhibition halls and also to ensure as wide representation of the industry as possible.
The organiser considers all applications for participation and are entitled to refuse space allocation at the exhibition in the event of finding sufficient cause for such action. Alternatively, to issue special instructions and conditions that the organiser may find necessary.
Transfer of rented space to another party, either all space or part of the space, is forbidden without permission from the organiser.
Cancellation/withdrawal of the application to participate does not imply exemption from the obligation to pay the rent for the space.
The exhibition halls are available to the exhibitors from the date indicated by the organiser. All exhibits must be installed by the evening of the day prior to the opening day. The exhibitor undertakes to accept any alterations as to site and space, that the circumstances may require. The space allocated to the exhibitor may not be exceeded either in height or in any other dimensions without prior consent by the organiser. Exhibitors must observe the regulations that may be announced by national or local authorities. The organiser will not be responsible for costs or damages, which may arise in connection herewith.
We may from time to time offer certain discounted ticket promotions to encourage attendance at the Event. We are not obligated to offer any discounts for the Event and reserve the right to chance or withdraw a discount offer at any time in our sole discretion. In our efforts to allow young people to attend the Event, we may, from time to time, offer them free and subsidised tickets our Event from time to time.

Goods that in the judgement of the organiser are obviously unsuitable for the exhibition, either from a quality or from an aesthetical point of view or otherwise inappropriate, may not be displayed. Should this be noticed, the goods shall immediately be removed after due notice and the organiser reserves the right to take whatever further steps they find necessary.
All goods must be fully licensed (no bootlegs), taxed and legal for sale in the country hosting the event. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to read, understand and ensure full compliance with host country laws. The Organiser reserved the right to shut-down any booth that sells illegal or unlicensed goods.
No beverages or foodstuff of any kind, either pre-packaged or fresh, can be sold or distributed without expressed permission given in advance by the Organiser.

Only machines, which are silent when working, may be exhibited. Exhibitors are reminded of their obligation to ensure that equipment exhibited for the purpose of sale or promotion provides adequate protection against danger to health and the risk of accident or injury.
All electrical installations must be approved by the organisers electrical contractor, who is responsible towards the authorities.
The organiser carry out all cleaning of general character but each exhibitor is obliged to keep the space allocated to him clean and tidy.
All exhibits must be removed from the exhibition grounds after the closing of the exhibition on the date indicated by the organiser. The exhibitor will otherwise run the risk of the goods being removed by the organiser at the exhibitor’s expense.
The exhibitor is responsible for the disposal of all waste products and rubbish and for taking off-site all rubbish generated by it. If required, the Exhibitor shall provide litter bins for the use at the which the Exhibitor must remove from the site at the end of each day. The Exhibitor is also responsible for the periodic clean-up of tables and floors in their Exhibit area and the surrounding area.
The exhibitor is responsible for any damage to the exhibition premises or grounds, caused by either himself or any of his assistants, as also for any damage arising out of the exhibitor’s failure to supervise the space rented by him. The organiser is responsible for general security. The organiser can however not be held responsible, for the exhibitors goods or the insurance of the exhibits and the exhibitor.
In case the organiser should be obliged to pay dues or other charges to the State or local authorities based on an individual exhibitor rent or other fees for participation in the exhibition, the exhibitor accepts to compensate the organiser fully.
The exhibits may not be removed from the position/stand while the exhibition is ongoing. Furthermore, goods liable to customs duty may be removed only after examination and with the written permission of the customs authorities. The exhibitor must bear the cost of transport, erection and dismantling of tents, pavilions etc himself, as well as the cost for electrical connections, laying on of water etc. Transport can be carried out by the organisers official freight contractor at list prices.
Stand height of 2.5m is not to be exceeded without previous consent by the organiser. If stand height over 2,5 m is allowed an extra fee will be charged.
It is not allowed to advertise for other exhibitions outside the exhibition centre, on the exhibition ground. Posters may be affixed only where indicated by the organisers.