Inventor, BTU Protocol
Vidal Chriqui

Vidal Chriqui graduated from Ecole des Mines de Paris. He specialized in big data and distributed systems which led him to very early work on Bitcoin and later on Ethereum, showing a strong expertise in micropayment channels.

Fascinated by the Bitcoin protocol he envisioned as a masterpiece of computer architecture, mixing technical and economic considerations, he launched “Blockchain Révolution”, the first free french speaking video series about bitcoin and blockchain, offering hours of exclusive lessons and interviews.

Vidal is a regular speaker at blockchain conferences and a lecturer at french Grandes Ecoles. Vidal has also been working as a technical advisor to successful token sales, contributing to smart contracts writing or review, whitepaper writing and tokenomics design.

He recently founded BTU Protocol, the first peer to peer booking protocol aiming to disrupt the whole booking industry.