With a dozen talented partners in early 2017, Oliver set up a personal cryptocurrency brokerage that set out to create a fairer onramp to the asset class. Building on the execution, settlements, reporting and custodianship infrastructure we set up, we now additionally offer prime brokerage services, as BCB Group, exclusively to institutional clients.


To be “powered by BCB Group” means to have best execution on your own trades and your client trades, while we do all the heavy lifting. We settle bidirectionally in GBP, onshore, and in 25 other currencies. But this is just step one. Oliver’s goal is to drive transformation in financial services from the fiat world as we know it to a digital system of money based on DLT and blockchains. His first strategy is to address the gateways between fiat and cryptocurrencies, by making it easier, cheaper, fairer, and more transparent for individuals and companies to move freely between these systems of money. Oliver’s ambition is to be at the forefront of innovation in fintech as a thought leader in financial risk and in DLT money.


Since starting in 1998 as a software developer for an encrypted payment switching platform, Oliver has led a highly technical career in finance technology, forming a robust platform for solutions architecture and fintech innovation. In four years trading cryptocurrencies, he is battle-worn with the long term and short term volatility of these markets and well equipped to risk manage all parts of the trade lifecycle. He have helped Merrill Lynch (2000-01), Lehman Brothers (2002-03), Barclays Investment Bank (2004-15) and Lloyds Commercial Bank (15-16) bring a number of strategic and tactical projects to fruition as a hands-on SME in derivative instruments, regulations and technology.