Jérôme PONS [FR]

CEO / Consultant Blockchain & Culture Industries, Music won't stop
Jérôme Pons

Engineer, graduated from Telecom ParisTech, Jérôme Pons started his career in 2001 at Orange, successively as 3GPP Standardisation Manager, Orange Media Player Project Manager (Music Podcasts, Musique Max, and Musique Hits), WebTV Marketing Project Manager (OCS) and then InterOperability Testing Programme Manager.

Entrepreneur, he founded Music won’t stop in 2011, a live music production business that diversified in 2013 by developing a consulting activity focused on digital technology and strategy. Specialist of the stakes related to the digital transformation of culture activity sectors (culture funding, value sharing, metadata-based rights management, intellectual property protection), he developed a key expertise in data modelling and management by designing a Digital Content Data Model (DiCoDaMo), common to 9 culture activity sectors, and some Digital Content Data Management Tools (DiCoDaMaTo).

Specialist of Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies, natively integrated to DiCoDaMo data model, he devoted himself to digital standardisation since 2016 and drives the “architecture and modelling” working group at Afnor and contributes to several study groups and working groups within ISO/TC 307 (“terminology”, “reference architecture, taxonomy and ontology”, “use cases”, “smart contracts”, “governance” and “interoperability”).Since 2018, he develops consulting and vocational training activities at Music won’t stop, focused on blockchain-based service development within culture industries, teaches Blockchain technology to master degree students at Télécom ParisTech and still works at Orange as Orange Expert Programme Manager.