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With a dozen talented partners in early 2017, Oliver set up a personal cryptocurrency brokerage that set out to create a fairer onramp to the asset class. Building on the execution, settlements, reporting and custodianship infrastructure we set up, we now additionally offer prime brokerage services, as BCB Group, exclusively to institutional clients.


To be “powered by BCB Group” means to have best execution on your own trades and your client trades, while we do all the heavy lifting. We settle bidirectionally in GBP, onshore, and in 25 other currencies. But this is just step one. Oliver’s goal is to drive transformation in financial services from the fiat world as we know it to a digital system of money based on DLT and blockchains. His first strategy is to address the gateways between fiat and cryptocurrencies, by making it easier, cheaper, fairer, and more transparent for individuals and companies to move freely between these systems of money. Oliver’s ambition is to be at the forefront of innovation in fintech as a thought leader in financial risk and in DLT money.


Since starting in 1998 as a software developer for an encrypted payment switching platform, Oliver has led a highly technical career in finance technology, forming a robust platform for solutions architecture and fintech innovation. In four years trading cryptocurrencies, he is battle-worn with the long term and short term volatility of these markets and well equipped to risk manage all parts of the trade lifecycle. He have helped Merrill Lynch (2000-01), Lehman Brothers (2002-03), Barclays Investment Bank (2004-15) and Lloyds Commercial Bank (15-16) bring a number of strategic and tactical projects to fruition as a hands-on SME in derivative instruments, regulations and technology.

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Emmanuel DELOR (Aka LangueDeGeek)

Emmanuel DELOR
Emmanuel DELOR (aka LangueDeGeek) is one of the rising figures of new technologies in France. It’s through his YouTube channel that he transmits his passion for new technologies and particularly Blockchain which is often addressed in his programs.

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Owen SIMONIN (Aka Hasheur)

Owen (aka Hasheur) is one of the iconic figures of the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem in France. At only 22 years old, he made an important place in this environment. Today, he is both the most following French youtubeur on these topics but also the CEO and founder of Just Mining, one of the leading companies in this market.

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Sesterce began with the initiative of two French entrepreneurs from southern France, Anthony Tchakerian and Youssef El Manssouri, who decided, after a year of intense research and study on the mining industry and the dynamics of the market, to launch their own company: Sesterce. The ambitious project is very rapidly noticed and, with the support of the Family (**look it up), Sesterce started to soar in October 2018. The vision is clear, and the goal is simple, becoming industry leaders in the mining industry by selling hardware and offering investment solutions and consulting services to clients worldwide.

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Andrea is Founding Partner & CEO at Eterna Capital, an investment fund focused on blockchain technology. Eterna Capital was launched by Andrea and 3 ex-BlackRock employees, receiving press coverage from the likes of Forbes, Bloomberg, Coindesk, Financial News, Investment Week, The National etc. Eterna Capital has been listed by Forbes as one of the top 3 investment funds operating in the Blockchain space and Andrea has been included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Andrea is also advisor at SingularityNET, a decentralised marketplace for AI algorithms

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Michael PINKUS

Michael PINKUS
Michael has worked in international banking and finance over 19 years including years in structured finance, asset management and private debt. He has held senior roles in structuring, sales and business development. Since 2016 Michael spear-headed the launch and management of Scope Group’s investor relationship management department, covering over 300 institutional investors. Much of his career he has spent with IKB, a prominent European SME-specialized bank.
During his career, he successfully arranged funding for banks, asset managers and funds; he led the loan syndication desk; executed several SME securitization transactions and worked as a credit portfolio manager. He supported the fundraising and launch of a direct lending platform. He also advised institutional investors with regard to market place and alternative lenders. Michael holds an LLM in banking and finance from the University of London.

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Jorge Sebastio

International ICT speaker. Seasoned managed services, cloud computing, cyber security, blockchain, big data, AI, IoT and ICT innovation professional focused on business value; brings experience, creativity, structure, motivation, & agility.

Over 30 years of ICT experience, covering, innovation, architecture as well as risk management, compliance, auditing, certification, business continuity, & disaster recovery. Served sectors include Telecom, Oil & Gas, Financial , Government, Defense, HealthCare, & Education.

Created the process A6 of security: Assess, Architect, Apply, Administer, Awareness & Agility.

He architects practical & business focused solutions using standards & industry best practices.

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Rémy Ozcan

As an experienced Blockchain expert, he decided to create TOZEX the first end-to-end crypto-asset platform for token sales management, investment and trading on crypto assets.

He cofounded in 2015 Crypto4All, one of the largest European Blockchain engineering and consulting services company. Central Bank of Luxembourg, ATOS, DCNS Naval, San Marino Government are few of their clients.

He actively contribute to the development of the ecosystem as public speaker, consultant for the European Parliament for the construction of the Blockchain European regulation and contributor on EU Focus Group on Blockchain DLT

He also set out dedicated courses related to Blockchain & cryptocurrencies at the well-known Paris Dauphine University.

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M. Salman ANJUM

Muhammad Salman Anjum

Being a Technology Futurist, Salman is early Blockchain adopter and key influencer in the space, currently empowering the next wave of Blockchain innovators through evangelizing, training & speaking at global forums.

He’s a results-driven performance and organizational efficiency professional with over 16 years in hybrid corporate & entrepreneurial roles aligning People, Performance and Profit.

Efficacious author and public speaker, Salman has been featured as success story in “Soul Beats @ UAE” the book published by Department of Economic Development of Dubai. He advises corporates, ICOs, senior managers on applications of Distributed Ledger DLT, Big Data & IoT and AI.

Bridge between businesses and Blockchain Salman’s role is to facilitate valuable insights and information that investors, users and all stockholders of Blockchain ecosystem can put to use right away.

Salman lives, plays and works in UAE and on stages around the world committed to empower the human potential.


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Vidal Chriqui

Vidal Chriqui graduated from Ecole des Mines de Paris. He specialized in big data and distributed systems which led him to very early work on Bitcoin and later on Ethereum, showing a strong expertise in micropayment channels.

Fascinated by the Bitcoin protocol he envisioned as a masterpiece of computer architecture, mixing technical and economic considerations, he launched “Blockchain Révolution”, the first free french speaking video series about bitcoin and blockchain, offering hours of exclusive lessons and interviews.

Vidal is a regular speaker at blockchain conferences and a lecturer at french Grandes Ecoles. Vidal has also been working as a technical advisor to successful token sales, contributing to smart contracts writing or review, whitepaper writing and tokenomics design.

He recently founded BTU Protocol, the first peer to peer booking protocol aiming to disrupt the whole booking industry.